What if you discovered something that would change your life forever? In this video I share the ancient mysteries about who we really are – and how to find out in your own way.


[00:00] Introduction

Hello friends, Steph here from Sadashiva.tv Stef or Sadashiva, however you want to call me. Sadashiva being the name that has been given to me by my guru, Gurumatha Amma. This is her website here. She has her Ashram in the South of India, in Bangalore. Today's topic is "Become Who You Really Are" and what it actually means. I'd like to teach at some point in time - some of those videos will be done - the techniques that I'm referring to.


[00:50] Am I this body?

Most of us, when we are asked “Who are you?”, we point to this here, our body, obviously. For everyone it would be obvious that this is me. But as you may have the suspicion already, if you have listened to more than one of my live streams or my recordings, you will quickly realize that this is not what I think we are or who I am. And a very simple exercise I would like to give you is the following: If you close your eyes and you imagine your body as something that you would be able to observe from the outside -   which is often the case when we are meditating. So it is possible to be an observer of your own existence, your own body. And the very simple fact that you are actually able to do this immediately should provide you with the insight that if there is an observer and an object that can be observed, then these two must be two different things.


[2:05] Am I different from the body?

I mean by that, if you as an observer can observe, imagine, visualize yourself sitting there and then you, as the observer - which is something that is quite possible to achieve with meditation - you realize that if the observer is distinct from the body, the body which is observed, then this body cannot be you. You must be something else. So the next approach then is for people to think, well, OK, I'm not this body, then what am I?


[2:45] Am I my thoughts?

Maybe it's the mind, my thoughts. And that too very often when you practice self-observation, meditative practice, you're able to realize that your thoughts and what's going on in your mind can be observed. It's actually a very important meditative practice to observe your own mind, to realize that there's something that seems to have its own life within yourself: thoughts of a never ending nature. And very quickly, you again become to realize, well, wait a minute, if I'm able to observe my thoughts, then my thoughts and I am, whoever that “I” is, must be two different things.


[3:35] Why is it important to know who I am?

So the logical conclusion would be that you cannot be your thoughts, you cannot be your mind. So that being said, who are we? Who am I? If we ask ourselves that question: why is it important? If actually it is important? As far as I'm concerned, and for those of you who know me teaching other stuff than spiritual matters, other  things than meditation, other things than  “the hidden things”, you also know that I am the CEO of a digital marketing agency.


[4:16] What is a yogi CEO?

I'm not just teaching yoga. I'm not just teaching meditation. As the CEO of a digital agency I am very much entrenched in everyday life with my agency clients, with things that have to be taken care of in terms of Google Ads campaigns, Facebook campaigns, social media marketing, conversion  rate optimization, Google Analytics, you name it. I'm right in the midst there with my clients. So why am I meditating or why am I interested in the in the question of who I am?


[4:51] What is the link between astrology and meditation?

 As a matter of fact, I've always been interested in that area. So it's not something that has been acquired through time. As a little boy, I remember that those questions related to the hidden things have always been of interest to me. Just to give you an example, one of the first I think it was the first book that I ever bought was a book of astrology. So what has astrology to do with spirituality? With meditation?


[5:25] How can I understand why I am here?

Well, here it is. I always had this thought that there is somewhere a system that would allow me to understand why I am here, what I am supposed to do or to see and to understand what I should achieve in life in such a way that it makes me complete. Something, not just going about my everyday life, but it was always something in the background of my understanding as a little boy already that something else bigger than I is there and there is some hidden kind of force or law or whatever you name it - that is at the fundamental level of everything that I can perceive in the world with my own eyes or feel or experience with my five senses.


[6:17] How does the law of attraction help achieve objectives in life?

So that's always been there, but as a business person, as the CEO of an agency, I also came to realize that the knowledge of the mind stuff can probably be important to achieving what I would like to achieve as a business person. And for those of you who have been in contact with things such as the law of attraction or visualization practices like a vision board, tools that allow us to achieve specific objectives in life - when you become interested in these areas, you also realize that a lot of things that you achieve in life really are completely conditioned by what's going up there in your mind.


[7:14] Does observing my thoughts help me in life?

And I discovered that really, like tangibly when I shift my mindset to want to achieve something in particular, and I put a specific effort behind that in terms of visualization, in terms of observing my thoughts and using the mind in such a way that the achievement of that goal becomes possible or easier. I realized that it's not just possible, but that the mind is at the very root - at the basis of achieving anything in life. So coming from that perspective, then I said to myself, well, wait a minute, if that's possible, then why are there certain things that I'd like to achieve that are difficult for me to achieve, or not possible to achieve?


[8:03] Why can’t I achieve the same things that other people can achieve?

And why for others, other people, the same thing is apparently easy to achieve. And from that observation, obviously, then very quickly, we come to realize that there is a specific subset of things that are possible for me, which are not possible for other people, and they are somehow related to what I'm supposed to learn in this life. Supposed to become in this life, supposed to offer in this life – for example like me:  to help other people progress, help other people achieve their objectives as well.


[8:42] Why is it important to know how the mind works?

And at the very basis of all this understanding is really, first of all, to understand how the mind works and what's going on up there. On the homepage of my website, I write "Become Who You Really Are". What I really mean by that is that we truly are already what we are supposed to become, the thing which is missing is the understanding who we really are by lifting a veil. There's nothing to be added for us to realize our purpose, to live fully the purpose for which we have been reborn into this life.


[9:23] Is there a natural progression in life, from plants to animals to the human life?

I say reborn in the sense of reincarnation to come back to this life, because that's my profound belief that this is not the only life I have ever lived as a human being, but not just as a human being. There is a progression from the plant life to the animal life and from there to the human life - there's a progression that seems to be going on.


[9:45] What is the relationship between purpose and happiness?

And what I'm dealing with in terms of purpose for this life is something that I have to find out for myself so that I can then bring that out into the world. But how do you do that? And I think it's important to do that because I believe that finding our purpose and realizing our purpose is very intimately related with happiness. And if you look closely, everything human beings do is aim for happiness. We may go about it more or less in the right way, but we always aim at being happy.


[10:26] What leads to happiness?

Some think that a new car will make them happy and others need a big house to make them happy. Others are very comfortable and happy and content with just taking care of their family and see that their kids grow up the right way. That's what makes them happy. So, happiness is a very elusive concept and it's different for each and every one of us. But deep down, happiness really is what we are all looking for. So and for me as a business person, if I want to be happy as a business person, then I need to find my purpose also as a business person.


[11:00] Why does mind tell us stories?

And that's where the mind thing is coming in, because the mind very often tells us a certain story. If you really listen and you observe your mind then you have the possibility to quieten your mind, you sit down for five, 10, 15 minutes of meditative practice and you observe what's going up, what's going on up there, then you very quickly realize that this mind seems to have a life on its own.


[11:27] What is the mind called in the Hindu culture?

In the Hindu culture by the way, the mind literally is called the “monkey mind” (Sanskrit: Chitta Vritti, or “whirling of the mind”) because it is literally jumping from one line of thought to the next line of thought incessantly. It's very difficult to actually achieve a meditative practice where your mind is not jumping from one branch to the next. But at the same time, the mind is incredibly powerful to achieving objectives that you may fix for yourself as a business person or in your personal life.


[12:04] Why is visualization important?

I am profoundly convinced that you cannot achieve anything without being able to visualize it somehow in your head first. You need to have some thought, some kind of visual of that what you'd like to achieve. And there's also a story that goes along with that visual. And if you allow your mind to tell you whatever story and to jump from one thought to the next without you being in control of what's going on up there, well, then it will be difficult to achieve what you would like to achieve in life.


[12:35] How do you control the mind?

And I'm telling you all this because if you want to get into the control seat of your mind, then you need to start somewhere and that somewhere is sitting down and just observing the mind. You need to  first understand and realize that, yes, this is really going on in my mind.  You then learn the techniques that allow you to guide your mind. To realize what's supposed to be realized within you, in your life, for your own, for the realization of your own purpose. For me as a business person there is nothing more valuable than to materialize a profound purpose through what I'm doing. for everything I'm doing - as a father for my family, as a member of my community, as a business person, as the boss of people that I'm working with as a team. I need to control that in some manner. And it starts with the mind.


[13:38] What is the link between the law of attraction and the law of action?

I'd like to teach at some point in time - those videos will be done - the techniques that I'm referring to. For example, I mentioned briefly the law of attraction. I know that by the power of your mind, you can draw in things into your physical life. You can bring them to become true in your life. But what most people fail to understand when reading books about the law of attraction is that there's also something called the “law of action”.A lot of people read the book, agree with it, and then they sit back in the couch and wait for things to happen. But that's not how the law of attraction works. If you understand, and I mean profoundly and integrate what the law of attraction really means, it's all about understanding how energy works. In the Hindu culture this energy, this life force is called Prana. You can attract that into your life, you can reinforce it with visualization techniques, with meditative practices as well. But if at some point in time you don't put that into action concretely, it will never happen.


[15:00] What is the Chimp Paradox monkey mind?

So there's a lot of things to understand here. Another book I'd like to mention in that context is the "Chimp Paradox". You may have heard about it as well. And some of you may have come to watch this video, by visiting my Chimp Paradox Facebook page. Getting in control of the Chimp Paradox monkey mind is incredibly important to achieve anything in life, specifically to achieve happiness.


[15:28] What is happiness?

Happiness is not a goal. Happiness is the result of something that you do. And that something that you need to do is finding your purpose. Once you find your purpose, the question of happiness is no longer required because you will be happy. If you do what you're supposed to do in life, you will be happy.

For a business person, for example an online entrepreneur – and I am saying this because I'm offering, as some of you may know, courses for people who want to launch an online business, specifically coaches, or online courses about whatever topic or about digital marketing When you have an objective like this, you cannot really achieve happiness without defining first what your purpose is in life. So to “Become Who You Really Are” is actually about purpose.


[16:25] What are the questions to ask before launching a business?

As a business person, there are four or five questions to ask yourself:

  1.     "What am I good at?". It's like in the sense of "what is it that I really like to do?" What am I good at? This question relates to the skill set that you have already. For digital marketers, maybe you are good at Facebook Ads. Maybe you are good at PPC ads, Google Ads. Maybe you are good at writing content marketing. Maybe you're good at Google Analytics, analyzing numbers, figures and understanding what works and what doesn't. Whatever it is, you need to find something you're good at. If you haven't anything you're good at, then at least you need to have the objective to acquire a skill that you want to become good at. That's the least you need. "What are you good at?" would be the first question to ask yourself  if you want to build a business based on purpose.
  2.     What does the world need?" would be the second question to ask yourself, This is in the sense of if I'm good at doing something and there is somebody who needs that something but doesn't know how to do this. Well, I have here to combinations that are pretty damn good. I know something and it is needed by somebody. So for a business person  there's some sort of a “market”
  3.     What can I be paid for?". The next question to ask would be "What can I be paid for?". Because It's nice to have something you like, and that you're good at - the skill set. It's nice to have found somebody or a market, a niche that needs it. But for a business what you also need are people that are ready to pay for it. So that would probably be an important question to ask as well:  What can I be paid for?
  4.     "What do I love?". Probably the most important of all those questions is what do I LOVE to do? It's okay to have a skillset, but do you love what you're good at? If you find something you really love to do, it may be something you haven't even thought about yet. It may be related to something you do as a hobby today. It may be something that gives you joy when you do it, whenever you do it, a practice, something. So you just need to find out whether or not that could actually be a business or if it's related to a skill, then it's even better.


[19:11] What is a purpose-driven business?

Something you love to do, something you are good at, something the world needs and something people would be willing to pay for. If you combine those four and the answer is yes for all of them, then you have found the fifth element, which is at the center of them all: Purpose. A purpose-driven business.


[19:37] How do I start a purpose-driven business?

When you find your idea for a purpose-driven business, there’s a good chance that you have also something to feed to your mind in terms of visualization. With a purpose-driven business you are no longer just motivated by money. Money, by the way, is a not a good objective to have as a main objective in business. I hope we all can agree that if you're not after something with your heart, if you don't really love it, if you don't make it a purpose, something with a stronger foundation than money, then it will be hard to sustain it in the long run. Therefore it's important as a business person that we ask ourselves the right questions. Because only purpose has the potential to make you happy.


[20:26] How to stop self-sabotage when building a business?

 At the same time, you need to know the techniques that are required to help you achieve your business vision. One of the techniques are related to working with your mind. Here is an example, some of you listening to me here may have had the idea, the wish, the desire to become an online entrepreneur. But maybe you're telling yourself that, you know, “I'm not an entrepreneur”. “ I've never done something like this.” “Nobody in my family is an entrepreneur.” I don’t't even know where to start.” “I don't think that that's really for me, but maybe for some others.” “I don't want to be perceived as a greedy entrepreneur”. That’s called self-sabotage. That’s the ‘monkey mind chatter” we have been talking about in the beginning. Your job is to bring this self-sabotage mind in control so you can make your mind work for you – and not against you.


[21:21] Why a purpose-driven business is good for the world

But if you look it from the perspective of a purpose-driven business, there's now a very good reason to become very successful as an entrepreneur if you have the right purpose. You have the right even the obligation - to become very successful and earning a lot of money so you can reinvest into your business and become even more successful -, if your business serves a higher purpose and if people need your service or your product to fulfill their own purpose, then you not only have the right, but you have an obligation to become incredibly successful. We defined this already with one of our four question:  if you do something that people need, then your duty is to bring your product, your service to the world - and you deserve to be paid for that service too. There is a very important notion to understand: with a purpose-driven business you are not allowed to HOLD back your talents – you have to use them to GIVE back. It’s good for the world.


[21:43] How does storytelling influence my life?

You may have a story in your head that prevents you from achieving  what you actually should be achieving, and are perfectly capable of achieving. These are stories like "I'm not done for this.”, ”I'm not an entrepreneur". But who is saying that. Isn’t  that you talking to yourself? We just defined that you are not your thoughts. So if you can observe your thoughts and your mind stuff, your monkey mind tells you over and over again that there is something that is not made for you, should you believe it?


[22:13] How can I change my mental story?

 Well, guess what? If that's what you are telling yourself, it’s also what you are starting to believe. And it's also what you are drawing into your life – even if it's not true. So to know how to deal with your mind, how to change that story that's going on up there is incredibly important to be successful in life, generally speaking, and even more so if your objective is to be an online entrepreneur. Because most of those stories are completely false. They are buttocks. It's a monkey jumping around. Another example, a lot of women have that - less so now, and more so in the past. For the longest time, women had this story in their heads where they were telling themselves that they are not good enough, "I'm not good enough". "I have to do better", "I have to do this".  "I don't deserve that". Even men fall victim to this wrong story. But it's a complete buttocks story which lives only in our heads. But as our thoughts condition our reality, this “I’m not enough” story prevents us from achieving what we're supposed to achieve, because guess what?


[23:17] Do we all have a purpose in life?

Everyone in this life has a purpose. There's not a single being on this planet who does not have a specific reason why he or she is here, on this planet. It doesn't exist to be here without a reason. Our obligation is to find out what our purpose is. But it's one thing to find that purpose and it's another one to change the mind story. In some of my future videos, we will talk more about this - how to deal with the stories in your mind and how to change them.


[23:56] How can I change the story in my head?

 There are precise techniques that can help you change the false stories in your head. And to be applied to change false stories and to make the Law Of Attraction (LOA) become reality. It’s not just about attracting, it's also about realizing it in the physical world. And that's something we can learn together. So when I say “Become Who You Really Are”, what it really means is you being in the driver's seat of your life and to really, truly become who you really are: to realize your purpose, that reason for which you came here into this world. Because again, there is a very specific reason for which you are here..

So I'll leave it at that. And I'm looking forward to meeting you for another video session - where I talk about this in more detail. I'll also explain some of the techniques that I’ve been using myself to achieve what I have achieved and continue to achieve - because obviously, I'm living this story myself. So, again, thank you very much for your time and I'm seeing you soon.

So don't forget to visit my website at Sadashiva.tv. Sign up for our live streams so that you will be informed regularly.

Until then, have a nice day.

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