In this video, I answer the question, “How does your day actually looks like?”.


[00:00] Introduction

Hello friends,  Steph here, Sadashiva, a name that has been given to me by my guru, guru Gurumatha Amma, who is located in the South of India in Bangalore. When you see me fold my hands from time to time, especially in the beginning, it is always because there is a prayer to the guru. To thank actually the entire lineage of gurus that are providing me and all the disciples around the world with the insights that we require to advance on the spiritual path.

[00:46] The typical day of a Yogi CEO

But long story short, I just wanted to take a quick five minutes just to explain or to answer a question that was "How my day actually looks like" as a spiritually involved being, and as the CEO of a digital marketing agency. Dealing with everyday client stuff going on.

[01:09] Meditation of 5:30am

So very shortly, my day starts actually quite early at 5:30. I probably will make it five o'clock in the morning at some point in time because for a very simple reason, first of all, it allows me to have very important practices taken care of before 8:00 before I go into the office. But also because the morning hours are the most important ones when it when it comes to a spiritual practice, because the early morning hours between four thirty and five thirty is supposed to be the best time to do meditative practice.

So I'm getting up at 5:30. I'm starting my day with meditation. So I'm sitting down. I'm working from home. This is my home office. I also have a downtown office, but this is where I'm like 80 percent of my time. It's the place where you see me sitting here. I'm spilling the beans basically to explain to you how everything is organized here.

[02:13] How I transformed my office space into a video production studio

Where I'm sitting, here, this is my office, right. This is my desk is here. What you see here is a platform that I built to be at the same level as my desk here.  And then there is a draperies, some cushions, my meditation cushion. I built a little table so that I can have my keyboard and my mouse and my tab with which I can draw and show things on the screen. I can share my screens. I have an entire video studio here in front of my desk actually set up.

This here allows me to switch cameras. I have four cameras that I can switch around. Basically, this is my office and it's also my video studio. When I do videos for Sadashiva. Which you're looking at now - I have this set up.

[03:11] How I organized my digital marketing training business

But for my marketing training for marketing students, learning how to do Google and Facebook ads and how to build an online business. Also, for those who want to know how to launch an online course about whatever topic, I teach that too. I help those people too, I help coaches build their online business.

And then obviously digital marketers, I help people learn, become a digital marketer and become a digital marketer in a matter of very, very short time, weeks, really to help people at some point leave their jobs and become independent, work for themselves, be their own boss, work from home like I do - be with family.

[03:55] How I work from home to be with my family

That's was one of my main objectives, to work from home and to be with family and to generate more income than I would ever be able to do if I were employed somewhere.

But basically, again, let me go back - 5:30. I'm waking up, OK, 5:30 or a little bit earlier. 5:30 normally I'm downstairs.

[04:15] How I organized my meditation room

I have a meditation room set outside of of this physical office space with my set up like the one I have here with a light, I have my Shiva, I have my guru here and some lights, a nice set up that induces that is very conducive and to do meditation.

I have that outside. So I do generally speaking about. An hour of meditation practice. There are some other practices like "Pranayama",  which are breathing exercises. Pranayama and Kapalbhati, which is a different breathing exercise. All these exercises are preparing the meditative practice, so to speak, because I'm drawing in the energies that are conducive to do meditation. Which is being called "Prana" in the Hindu system of spirituality. And once I have done my meditation and my meditative practice with mantras and working on chakras as well.

[05:28] At around 6:30 I do my Hatha Yoga exercises

I then do Hatha Yoga for another maybe half an hour or so, and I do this to just like keep my body in good shape when it comes to being able to have a good balance, for my  muscles structures and my articulations and everything. That's what I do hatha yoga. But while doing Hatha yoga, I'm remaining in a somewhat some like meditative state in the sense of I'm trying to remain in the awareness of who and what I am, being in the present moment, being in the here and now.

You may know that from mindfulness practice. And it's really that I'm trying to be as much as I can at the here and now when I'm practicing and just doing that. I have very good control of my breathing. When when I do my Hatha Yoga. So that's half an hour of Hatha yoga.

[06:35] Fitness and HIIT on the bike (High Intensity Interval Training)

After my Hatha yoga, I officially change clothes and I go into a sports attire or fitness attire in the same room.

Still, I have a stationary bike and I'm doing 25 minutes of high intensity interval training on the bike. It's not a traditional stationary bike. It is my real road bike that I put inside on rollers, you know, like a hamster. And for twenty five minutes exactly, I'm doing high intensity interval training, which is quite, well, as the name says, intensive. I'm getting out of there completely sweaty, but happy for the day. And then I go up.

[07:24] Crunches and Leg Raises - a daily staple

Oh wait a minute, I forgot something. I do a special segment of crunches. Yeah. Fifteen minutes of crunches every day, every morning. So leg races and crunches. And then after my high intensity interval training on the bike, I'm going up, take my shower and I'm ready for the day. By now it's about like 7:30.

I've taken my shower and I have another half an hour to read the news, take a coffee and at 8:00 I'm usually at the office. Kick starting my day, having a lot of exercises - very important exercises already behind me. And that's basically to answer the question, how do I organize my day with everything I'm doing because people are wondering, wait a minute, you do meditation, you do Hatha yoga, you do a high intensity training.

"When are you actually doing all that stuff?" Throughout the day, and that's how we do it. I get up early, right. Because early mornings is the best thing to do for meditative practice. And then I just add whatever needs to do.

[08:31] HIIT with a view on the big screen - learning with Youtube while exercising

And by the way, when I do my high intensity interval training with the bike, I have a direct view on a big screen with a projector. And I'm projecting YouTube videos about topics that I am interested in that I'm learning most of the time.

It's topics related to spirituality. But not only it is that right now I'm for example, I'm viewing a video about how to build habits. Whenever you want to change something in your life, you need to change habits. Right. For example, if you want to become fit well, you need to create the habit of walking up to your bike or to your walk or to your gym or to you, whatever you're doing. So basically, that's how my day looks like.

[09:22] Gym Weight lifting throughout the day

And then I also, as you know, I do regular gym practice at least four times a week. And the gym practice, actually, I do that throughout the day. So I have a phone with an alarm set up every hour or so and it rings. And when it rings, I stop working and I'm doing a set of exercises for the chest or I do pull ups, I do my leg training or whatever, so I cut it in various segments by muscle group for my gym.

[10:52] Working from home as a digital marketer means working when and how I want

So that's how I organized my then. But in between all that, obviously I take care of clients. I do my agency job, I have my agency staff with doing Facebook campaigns, Google campaigns, taking care of websites, doing consulting. And I have a team of eight people helping me with organizing everything specifically on the, for all the video stuff, a video editor and PPC University, which is the platform, where I help people become digital marketers and build an online agency over time with the main objective to help people become self-sufficient in a matter of three to six months, basically.

So yeah, that's basically to answer that question, a very short video. Anyway, that's it, that's how I organize my day. And maybe next time what I will be doing is to film myself. I asked my son, my 11 year old son Alexander, give me a hand and he can film all the different stations that I'm doing when I'm doing my meditation, my Hatha yoga, my high intensity training, my weight lifting and my crunches so that you can have a look at that as well. Which means that I would have to wake him up at 5:30 in the morning, actually I like that.

Anyway, so thank you very much for your time and I hope you enjoyed that very quick video and I see you soon. Again, don't forget to sign up on for information about the weekly live streams and the Facebook group you see here on the screen. And until then, thank you very much for your time. And I talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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