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Internet Marketing Group Inc. (“we”, “us,” or “our”), owns and manages My Lifestyle Business (“MLB”). When you visit our Websites, including, without limitation,,,, and (the “Websites”) we will use cookies to give you the best experience on our websites.  

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files stored on your device. Generally, the information collected does not usually directly identify you; oftentimes, the information is tied to a cookie ID, advertising ID, IP address, or similar online/device identifier. 

Our Websites use the following cookies with the corresponding purposes: 

A. Strictly Necessary Cookies 

In order for our Website to function properly (e.g., carrying out necessary transmissions over the internet, ensuring proper attribution to affiliates who have referred you, showing a website version adapted to the type of device you are using, changing from http to https as appropriate, etc.), or enable our affiliate program, we use this type of cookies which cannot be switched off in our systems, and do not store any personally identifiable information. These cookies are set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services (e.g., submitting an MLB site URL to your browser, clicking an affiliate link on a marketing landing page etc). 

B. Affiliate Program Cookies

Every time you are redirected to one of our pages due to a link provided by our trusted affiliates, our referral marketing provider, Ambassador, sets cookie in order for the affiliate to get credit for referring you and for you to get any bonuses or rewards that the affiliate may have offered to you for following their referral link. These cookies are listed in the following table:


OptanonConsentUsed to remember your cookie preferencesmylifestyle.business1 year
__cfduidImproves the performance and security of our website through our use of Cloudflaremylifestyle.business30 days
mbsy [followed by a 36 character unique identifier]Used by our affiliate marketing platform Ambassadormbsy.co30 days
mbsymylifestylebusinessUsed by our affiliate marketing platform Ambassadormbsy.co30 days


C. Performance Cookies

For us to gauge and improve the performance of our Website, we use performance cookies (as enumerated below) that enable us to monitor visits and traffic sources and to check which pages are the most and least popular and see how visitors’ behavior in our Websites.  

These cookies may collect IP address and generate a randomized unique identifier to analyze how frequently a visitor revisits the same site and other metrics such as page views, referral website (i.e., which site the visitor came from), and bounce metrics. 

_gatEnables our use of Google Analyticsmylifestyle.business1 minute
_gat_[ followed by a 13 character ID]Enables our use of Google Analyticsmylifestyle.business1 minute
_gaEnables our use of Google Analyticsmylifestyle.business2 years
_gidEnables our use of Google Analyticsmylifestyle.business24 hours
mfl-formsUsed by Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of our online marketing campaignsmylifestyle.business30 days
_ymUsed to understand the performance of our website using Yandex Metricamylifestyle.business1 year
by a unique
combination of
20 alphanumeric
numbers]Used by our use of OptinMonster to understand returning visitors to our websitewww.mylifestyle.business30 days
_omappvsUsed by our use of OptinMonster to understand returning visitors to our websitewww.mylifestyle.business3999 days
omSeen-(followed by 21 characters)Used by our use of OptinMonster to understand returning visitors to our websitea.optmnstr.com30 days

D. Functional Cookies

We or our third-party providers (whose services we have added to our pages) may set functional cookies (as enumerated below) that enable our Websites to provide enhanced functionality and personalization based on your previous visits and selections, such as language preferences, remembering log-in details, and other conveniences. 

NamePurposeProvider (my version)Expiration
__smTokenUsed by our use of Sumo marketing toolswww.mylifestyle.business1 year
__smUserUsed by our use of Sumo marketing toolswww.mylifestyle.businessWhen browsing session ends
publiUsed by Publitio when we show you videos on our websitePublit.io2 years


E. Targeting Cookies

Our Websites, through our advertising partners, may set targeting cookies (as enumerated below) as a primary way to keep our Websites free. The cookies work primarily through uniquely identifying your device (e.g., advertising ID, IP address, geolocation), and used to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant adverts on our sites and other sites. Our advertising partners may be separate controllers of the data obtained.

__smVIDUsed by our use of Sumo marketing toolswww.mylifestyle.business30 days
_fbpUsed by our use of Facebook to deliver
90 days
AA003Used by Facebook to deliver advertisingatdmt.com3 months
ATNUsed by Facebook to deliver advertisingatdmt.com2 years
frUsed by Facebook to deliver advertisingfacebook.com90 days
lidcUsed when you share content via LinkedInlinkedin.com1 day
bcookieUsed when you share content via LinkedInlinkedin.com2 years
bscookieUsed when you share content via LinkedInwww.linkedin.com2 years
GPSUsed by Google to deliver
IDEUsed by Google to deliver
2 years
personalization_idUse when you share content via Twittertwitter.com2 years
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEUsed when you view videos on our website via YouTubeyoutube.com6 months
YSCUsed when you view videos on our website via YouTubeyoutube.comWhen browsing session ends
edgebucketUsed by Reddit to deliver advertisingreddit.com2 years
initrefUsed by Reddit to deliver advertisingreddit.comWhen browsing session ends

If you do not allow these cookies, some parts of the Websites will not work, or we will not know when you have visited our site, and will not be able to monitor its performance, or some or all of these services may not function properly, or you will experience less targeted advertising.

How Can I Control Cookies?

We respect your right to privacy and allow you to choose which types of cookies you would prefer to use (unless such cookies are considered “strictly necessary”). Please be aware that blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience of our websites and the services we are able to offer. The cookie settings that you choose will be remembered whenever you visit any of our Websites and you may change your settings at any time.

Cookie Settings

In order to have any reference to the settings you have chosen within this cookie privacy manager, we will use a cookie, which will result to requiring you to update your settings with us again in case you delete your cookies, or to inform us of the chosen settings if you use a different device or browser.

By way of an alternative, you can directly control cookies in your web browser, which mostly will allow you to control cookies as part of their settings and preferences. Please refer to your specific browser for instructions on how to disable, limit and delete cookies.

The following links are provided for your convenience. Should your browser not be listed here, you should review the help pages for your specific browser to see what features are offered for adjusting your cookie settings:

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